Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have electric & water on the campsites?
No, our campsites are all rustic, none of them have electric or water/sewer hookups. We have beautiful shaded, spacious campsites primarily geared toward tent camping. When campers come with RV's they either dry camp, work off a battery, solar panels, or use a quiet closed frame generator (less than 60 decibels). We have potable water at convenient locations around the campground and also have a dump station. There are electric receptacles at the restrooms near the washer & dryer and pop machine.
Do you sell firewood? Can we bring firewood with us?
We sell firewood here at a very reasonable price, $8 per rack. By transporting firewood, you could be spreading diseases and invasive insects that can quickly kill large numbers of trees, for this reason, we no longer allow outside firewood except for kiln dried, store packaged wood.
Do you have toilets and showers?
Yes! We have modern, individual restrooms with flush toilets. Our hot showers are free, no tokens or quarters to mess with!